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Mel and Michelle – Best Restaurant in Tel Aviv

In the couple of occasions I visited Israel, I also was lucky enough to visit and explore tel aviv. The city offers many attractions and activities, both at daytime and at nighttime. Surprisingly, these activities always make me feel like i am starving. Fortunately, tel aviv offers a wide variety of foods and tastes.

During my last visit in tel aviv, i had the chance to go, along with my new girlfriend, to a restaurant my close friends highly recommended. The name of the restaurant is "Mel and Michelle", and they say it is the most romantic Italian restaurant in tel aviv!

I had to find out if it is true, and now i also had a good reason for it – to impress my new girlfriend.

"Mel and Michelle" is one of the most prominent Italian restaurants in Tel Aviv, and they also offer a seasonal menu. Their seasonal menu changes according to the produce that is available in the markets. The menu is quite simple, and this is what the chef has to say about it: "we offer high quality produce which we import from Italy. We dont over decorate our dishes. Our food is placed on the plate as it is, with an arrangement that is finer than the usual".

Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv

The menu of "Mel and Michelle" offers customers dishes from the Italian cuisine, in addition to local dishes such as bulgur, tehina, fresh leaves and Israeli wines. The menu includes anti pasti dishes, among them "a jewish artichoke", which is a kind of Jerusalem artichoke which is imported from italy – in addition to gorgonzola cheese, cherry tomatoes marmalade, pasta dishes, beef dishes and traditional desserts such as tiramisu and crepes with zabaglione.

A romantic restaurant in tel aviv

In the course of the years that passed since chef Nir Wyman open "Mel and Michelle", the restaurant has set itself as one of the most romantic restaurants in israel i know of – a small and romantic italian restaurant that is well planned and designed to the very minute detail.

This romantic restaurant is influenced by classical Europeans styles. The restaurant has small curtains that allows customers to view the exciting Ben Yehuda street, little framed oil paintings, walls decorated with porcelain and a staircase that is decorated with a horse's head made out of iron – all these are incorporated into a nice, warm and romantic atmosphere, which definitely works its magic on girlfriends ; )

A chef's restaurant in Tel Aviv

"Mel and Michelle" is a chef's restaurant, managed by Nir Wyman, and it is the perfect restaurant for anyone who is looking for an intimate and romantic place to spend an evening, and especially for those who appreciate high quality cooking, superb dishes and fresh produce.

"Mel and Michelle" is located in Ben Yehuda street, 155, Tel Aviv. It is highly recommended. Bon appetit.



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